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Customer Ratings & Reviews for TFI Insurance & Benefits

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Mark and his company are amazing. Kind, thoughtful, patient and thorough. Best insurance company we’ve ever worked with. 

I have been very satisfied with my experience with TFI. Overall, they are very friendly, responsive, and helpful. I like having someone I know, and that knows me handling my insurance products. There is only one time I can think of when the followup was less than expected, and to be fair, it was on a product that you don't even work with. I have referred a friend, who I believe is still a customer.

Excellent customer service! They make you feel completely comfortable and secure in the knowledge that they’re looking out for you!

Excellent family business who has been supportive, honest, and competitive. 


All my dealings have been wonderful

It has been good for years. 

I've been very happy! TFI is the best Agency I have every used. Thank you for asking! 

Experience has been good. Trevor has assembled a solid portfolio for my family.

You all have provided years of great service. You have stood by your services and gone above and beyond to show your care for our family.

No complaints,keep up the good work.Thank you! 

I am very happy and satisfied with the care I receive from TFI. I don't feel like just a number to y'all.

I have been a TFI customer for many years and continue to be satisfied. I have not had many issues, although the ones I have had have been taken care of promptly. I appreciate this company.

Great Company!

I havent had 1 issue but I did recommend a few people to TFI and 2 of them said they never got a return phone call after they talked to someone there. Like I said Ive never had a problem and they have always called when they said they would

Outstanding, never a issue, if so resolved promptly, overall very satisfied. 

Excellent. Always prompt, knowledgeable, and very friendly.

wonderful to work with 

Good feedback and response when needed. 

Very good, TFI has been consistently a help in meeting our insurance needs. Maybe more follow-up or annual reviews would help increase the quality of the insurance coverage.             

Karen is very helpful! 

Everyone is very helpful and attentive to my needs!

TFI Insurance has been responsive to our needs as a small business. There have been times we have needed changes for certain clients or circumstances and TFI has always walked us through our options. Thank you    

Could not ask for better customer service. I’ve done business with many insurance agencies over 55 years and I find TFI to be tops! 

My calls and emails always get returned promptly, and I always receive a complete answer to my questions. 

Good service and advice. Thank you. 

My overall customer experience with Tarpinian Financial was tremendous.

I have known the Tarpinians and the people at this agency for years. They are best and always service my needs quickly and get back with me. Also, their new office staff is on top of everything. I highly recommend them to my friends and to everyone who needs a new insurance agent.

We have been very pleased with our experience with TFI. Not only have they done great research for us in our insurance needs, but also they have anticipated questions before asked...like “Can a less expensive yet equally serviceable insurance be found for our home?” Trevor and his staff are there to serve. We so appreciate that.

Very satisfied, I recommend to others frequently

Overall, office staff is wonderful, goes above and beyond.


Enthusiastic prompt response to my dumb questions always appreciated. 

Mark has been great expressing his concerns and helping me to resolve them. 

I feel we received very good customer service and value. I have already recommended your service to several friends.

Awesome customer care, Always taking care of me when I forget ;)

Very satisfied. You have always gone above and beyond. Thank you for all you do! 

Very positive. You are always available to answer our questions.

Very good!

Prompt and excellent

Am satisfied with the service and only had one situation that I needed your help with and It was resolved right away

TFI did a great job of helping me with new ATV coverage. 

Have zero complaints. Have nothing but positivity for the services provided.

Very happy with TFI

Always answer any questions

Very pleased

I'm very happy with the whole process of my claim. My adjuster was very nice and helpful.

Thanks for your great service!

Very helpful!

This company is fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better experience

Excellent service from the very nice man that helped me.

Our experience has been very positive. We were with a well known company for over 30 years only to find out we had no flood coverage when we needed it in August of 2014. We also found out our home and auto were not insured properly. Sadly it took an unfortunate event to make us do a little research. We are not only covered properly now but our premium is lower. Win Win all around. Also Great family business and wonderful to work with. We have referred a couple friends and they too are happy and were able to save on premiums.

Trevor was very helpful with answering all my questions regarding new flood insurance for me home.

I've been with TFI Insurance for years. Why? Because they're really looking out for my best interests and they take care of it all. The while team is professional and handle everything for me. They get the best rates, summarize their findings, and present their plan in an easy to understand way. TFI Insurance is, by far, the friendliest, most competent

I cannot say enough about this insurance co. Trevor worked tirelessly to save me LOTS of money. I really got tired of hearing my old agent tell me that's the way it is. And it is pretty pathetic when you actually think of parking a car because you can no longer afford the insurance for it and we are not talking full coverage. Just basic insurance. THANK YOU TREVOR & TARPINIAN FINANCIAL! I like it when I get money put back into my pocket!

I was very happy to deal with tfi.insurance.Trevor gave me the options to go with to find the best rates for my situation.customer service was awesome,if you are in need of insurance thus is the company to go with.thank you#

You guys are the greatest. To be honest there is not much I dislike more that insurance in general, to me it ranks with death  and taxes, but dealing with you and everyone at TFI is such a pleasure.

I love doing business with your agency. Efficiency and timeliness are high standards that are rarely displayed by other companies I deal with for our personal needs. I'd rate your agency as an 11 on a scale of 1-10.

TFI Insurance & Benefits received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 59 reviews on IWantInsurance.com.


217 S Center Street | Northville, MI 48167 | (248) 347-3525


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